To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

When I am asked what server a non-profit should get, my response is don’t. In 2009 I was the technology manager for a small non-profit and the server was the bane of my existence.  It would overheat or the internet would go down at the office (we had a wire that hung in the air between our 2 buildings so when there was a storm the internet went out) and poof – no access to important documents.


The cloud seemed like the best solution – for one, it allows for access to documents from anywhere that has internet (during a storm this can also mean the coffee shop down the street). Or even if your internet connection isn’t dependent on beautiful weather, there is also the added benefit of being able to work from home on a sick day or have access documents while traveling. And beyond the better access, the removal of the time, money, and expertise from a small budget needed to maintain an in-house server is a welcome benefit also.


Despite how obvious this solution was to me, I was met with resistance because of security concerns. These were legitimate concerns considering we worked with women in recovery and other sensitive information.


Questions swirled: What if the cloud breaks? Who can see our data? How easy is it to hack cloud accounts?


These questions still exist and they highlight the importance of best practices with regards to security and backups, but at the end of the day industry has spoken. This video is a great depiction of what cloud storage can do for you. Not to mention, cloud storage can integrate with Salesforce 😉